Our raw milk cheddar cheese is strong, sharp and earthy. If you are a raw milk cheese lover, you have discovered the true health benefits and depths of the natural flavors found in authentic cheese. The earthiness of this cheese is similar to a blue cheese with the added sharpness of an aged cheddar. If you are new to raw milk cheddar, it is full flavored, earthy, and sharp - use a small amount like a parmesan or blue cheese. Slivers of this cheese make a striking addition to a cheese tray for the true cheese lover that enjoys a the bite of a good aged cheese.







Raw Milk Cheddar Grassfed Cow's Milk Cheese 4

  • The customer is responsible for checking the weather forecast out 5 days in the delivery area. All of our cheeses ship from central Ohio. If the temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you must choose the Premium Shipping option, which includes ice packs, to ensure that your cheeses arrive in perfect condition. Thank you.

  • 1 Mild  2 Medium  3 Sharp  4 Extra Sharp  5 Aged