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Our Aged Cheddar Grassfed Cow's Milk Cheese is aged at the perfect temperature for five long years! This is one cheese to savor...a dense, creamy texture and sharpness that brings joy to the palette. Order plenty! 


*All of our cheeses are vaccum packed to stay fresh for months when not opened in your refrigerator. After opening please enjoy within a week. Our authentic aged cheddar will have authentic - naturally occurring - crystals that add sharpness. These can be trimmed away, if you desire.


Try the recipe below: (Reduce the cheese to 1 Cup)

Potato Skins Recipe





Authentic Aged Cheddar (Aged 5 Years) 5

  • 1 Mild 2 Medium 3 Sharp 4 Extra Sharp 5 Aged

  • The customer is responsible for checking the weather forecast out 5 days in the delivery area. All of our cheeses ship from central Ohio. If the temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you must choose the Premium Shipping option, which includes ice packs, to ensure that your cheeses arrive in perfect condition. Thank you.

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