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Our 255 acre dairy farm, located in

the rolling hills of central Ohio, was first homesteaded in 1835, with a deed signed by Andrew Jackson. The brick farmhouse, built by our second generation ancestor, in 1875, is still home to our family today!


Following in the foot steps of our ancestry, we are 7th and 8th generation dairy farmers! Our farm was certified organic in 1997. We 

have been seasonally handcrafting

our delicious cheeses for over a decade. We only use the fresh milk produced by our own certified organic, 100% grassfed, cows to

craft our cheeses.


Just like their ancestors, our cows feast on bio-diverse pastures full

of natural, organic grasses, flowers, and herbs. This sustainable practice keeps them healthy

and strong. They breathe clean air; enjoy sunshine in uncrowded pastures - living in harmony with nature’s seasons and cycles. Our permaculture (the development of agricultural ecosystems intended

to be sustainable and self-sufficient) also minimizes soil erosion, water pollution and the use of fossil fuels

to help protect the environment.


Grassfed cow's milk is as nutritious

as it is delicious! When enjoying our handcrafted cheeses, you get the extra benefits of eating healthy. The main ingredient is our

grassfed milk which is loaded with antioxidants, with balanced

Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratios, and natural vitamin E. We never use synthetic antibiotics, absolutely no

genetically modified plant food or growth hormones are given to our cows. When you find our fresh

and aged, creamy, cheeses in your marketplace, you will taste the difference that nature and heritage makes. 

We sacrifice high milk production

for high quality, organic milk, and a healthy, self-sustaining system in keeping with the same generational values of our heritage. Visit our

online shop! You will find that 

we handcraft a wide variety of delicious, creamy cheeses for you

to enjoy. Click on each variety for serving suggestions and recipes.

As always, we appreciate your

support of our passion for pure and

healthy food, a healthy environment, and in sustaining strong family farms for generations to come.

- The Ohio Farm Direct Family


The Cheese with a Story:
100% Grassfed Cow's Milk Cheese
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